what is nuba foundation

The area of the Nuba Mountains is located in South Kordofan Region of Sudan. The Nuba is a collective identity of more than 50 tribes in their diverse but related music, dance, art and wrestling. Due to grievances with the Government of Sudan (GoS) over policies of injustice, inequality, economic imbalance, racial and religious discrimination and persecution, the Nuba took arms in 1985 to fight together with the South Sudanese against the Government. As a result, they currently number around 1.1 million in the Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army-North (SPLM/A-N) partially controlled fifteen administrative counties. Along severe humanitarian situation, education and other state basic services continue to be in a critical need as the government in Khartoum has for decades withheld education and other basic state services from the country’s largely black African South — a move critics and human rights groups say is a bid to marginalize the local population. In this long decades of conflict and marginalization, Nuba Foundation mission bearers identified the need to initiate developmental and conflict recovery and restorative initiatives to assist the downtrodden Nuba community develop strategic copying mechanisms while at the same time, recover and restore alongside with the conflict. It is against this backdrop that NF as an indigenous NGO was established to address the need by Restoring Hope and Empowering Communities to recover alongside with the conflict. NF will operate in partnership with donors/NGOs to sensitize and stimulate the awareness of the international community to the quandary of the Nuba people and to mobilize funds and material resources for alleviating the suffering and needs in the area.

Our Team

Francis Kome Kodi
Founder and Director

Gamar Osman Gamar Education Coordinator

Gortel Almaren Angelo Finance and Admin Manager